Insurance can be difficult to understand. There are many rules and exceptions and therefore this insurance page where we have gathered the most important rules to help you in the right direction. We recommend that you check your coverage prior to field work or travelling abroad

At Aarhus University, there is basically:

  • a travel insurance when you travel abroad (incl. Greenland and the Faroe Islands)
  • the statutory occupational injury cover (covering working hours no matter where you are)
  • statutory insurance on vehicles

As an employee, you are well covered and in several cases better than the students and guests. Check the detailed rules on the pages below and also visit STAFF SERVICE at AU about insurance.

Always be aware of what you are doing!

If you are involved in an accident (an acute injury) in connection with your work, e.g. during work in the field or during travel, there may be cases in which you cannot expect to be covered by the Consolidated Workers Compensation Act, despite the fact that you are an employee.

First and foremost, The Danish Working Environment Authority must recognize the incident as an actual occupational injury. For this reason, it is always a good idea to take out private full-time accident insurance. However, even in such cases, always use caution in your activities and understand when you can expect compensation (read your insurance policy). Regular insurance often makes reservations for extreme events, e.g. diving, climbing, and gross negligence.