Visit by the Danish work environment in Denmark

On this page you can find information about the Danish Working Environment Authority's visit and, among other things, read about what you need to pay particular attention to and the difference between the various visits and orders.

The Danish Working Environment Authority will usually notify inspection visits within 1-12 months, but they can appear at any time for an unannounced inspection visit. It is therefore important, as a natural part of the daily work with the working environment, that the local working environment organization and management are prepared for visits from the Danish Working Environment Authority.

Which topics are relevant to the Danish Working Environment Authority?

During a visit from the Danish Working Environment Authority, both the physical and psychological working environment will be affected. It is particularly important that all employees know who their working environment manager and representative(s) are, how they can be contacted, and how they can find information about their local working environment, including APV action plans and results. Listed below are some of the topics that the Danish Working Environment Authority can inquire about:

AU's working environment organization and the local working environment organization

  • The working environment education and other statutory educations
  • ArbejdsPladsVurdering (APV) – REMEMBER to make a new APV when moving!
  • Chemical risk assessment and workplace instructions (APB)
  • Instructions for use for machines 
  • Working environment statistics
  • The annual working environment discussion
  • Smoking policy

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If you have questions about the Danish Working Environment Authority's visit, you can contact your working environment group or the working environment contact person for your faculty. See links below.