Education Committee

At the Education Committee, there is a framework for a broad dialogue about all aspects of education and teaching to ensure the academic development of the degree programs at Natural Sciences.

There are a maximum of 12 members, and the Committee is composed of a joint group of permanent teaching staff and students. The Vice Dean appoints the members after nomination from the Head of Department.

The Chair is the Head of  the Degree programme for Biology. It has been decided that one member is nominated from each of the 5 sections which is not represented by the Head of the Degree programme.

Department of Ecoscience is given a permanent member of the Committee, and BFU recommends the 6 student representatives. An agreement has been made about observers from the Department of Ecoscience, so that Silkeborg and Roskilde are represented. The research section represented by the Head of the Degree programme is represented also by an observer. In addition, the Vice Head of Department, the education advisor and the student counsellor for Biology each receive an observer position on the committee.

The appointment period is 3 years.

Members of the Committee as of 1 January 2020:

Chair and Head of Degree Programme

Teaching staff

Student Representatives (elected March 2024)

  • Mads Dam Petersen
  • Maria Kristensen
  • Lis Katrine Holtoug Albers
  • Maja Viktoria Mikkelsen
  • Ea Marie Løfstedt 
  • Sarah Kyneb (alternate)
  • Lærke Thrane Mikkelsen (alternate)