Location of the secretariat:

Building 1135, 2nd floor.


Opening hours

Monday:        9:00 am – 2:00 pm
Tuesday:       9:00 am – 2:00 pm (Keys: 10-12 pm)
Wednesday:  9:00 am – 2:00 pm
Thursday:      9:00 am – 2:00 pm (Keys: 10-12 pm)
Friday:           9:00 am –1:00 pm

Section Contact Persons

Below a list of the primary functions and responsibilities of members of the Secretariat.



Areas of responsibility

  • Daily management and running of Department

Studies Coordinator:

Areas of responsibility

  • Support and development of education and PhD area
  • Collaborate with and support UA and education committee
  • Approve study programmes, thesis contracts etc.
  • PhD programme secretary: support PhD programme committee and chair, PhD salaried work (Gonzales)

Research Adviser:

Maria Blach Nielsen

Communications Officer and Research Advisor

Areas of responsibility

  • Advising about and supporting funding applications
  • Coordinating internal peer-review process
  • Coaching of PhD students
  • Research communication
  • LinkedIn

Administrative staff:

Areas of responsibility

  • Contact person for section of Genetics, Ecology and Evolution
  • Support on IndFak and RejsUd
  • Journalising and Workzone superuser
  • Registering of hourly paid employments and hourly rates in AU Timeløn
  • Secretary for Liaison Committee and the Departmental Forum

Sissel Rønning

Secretariat Staff Member

Areas of responsibility

Contact person for the sections Microbiology and Aquatic Biology.

  • HR and staff administration (Microbiology, Aquatic Biology)
  • Registration of holidays and absence
  • Support on RejsUD and IndFak
  • Support on Department events.

Areas of responsibility (maternity leave)

  • Major event coordinator and alumni coordinator
  • Coordinator of continuing education courses
  • Creation of hourly wage employees and registration of hourly wage
  • Support on RejsUD and IndFak
  • Distribution lists and drive accesses
  • Official cars and parking
  • Keys and access cards

Areas of responsibility

  • Registration of hourly wage
  • Official cars and parking
  • Keys and access cards
  • HR and staff administration
  • Registration of holidays and absence

Areas of responsibility

  • Maintaining and daily running of department and staff websites as well as several project websites
  • TYPO3 super user
  • Member of the PURE support group for Biology

Areas of responsibility

  • Procurement
  • Photo boards
  • Official cars and parking
  • Contact: IT and copy machines

Helena Damgaard Johansen

Project Staff Member

Areas of responsibility

  • Project secretary Flora of Thailand
  • Supporting guests; tickets, accommodation, subsidy for accommodation
  • Database updating of plant specimens from Thailand

Center Administrators:

Else Magård

Center Manager, Cand.scient. in Biology, Senior Consultant

Areas of responsibility

Areas of responsibility

  • Day-to-day management of SustainScapes
  • Research support
  • Field work coordination
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Staff and student onboarding

Areas of responsibility

Anne Blach Overgaard

Center manager and Research coordinator
  • Day-to-day administration of ECONOVO & BIOCHANGE
  • Management sparring and support
  • Coordination of research activities
  • Research support
  • Fundraising & reports to funders
  • Coordination of dissemination activities & general communication
  • Organization of events

Areas of responsibility

  • General management of EcoGenetics

  • Research support
  • Teaching support 
  • Genetics laboratory support
  • Field works for sampling
  • Staff and student onboarding
  • Workshop organization