PhD programme Committee

The committee's primary task is to assess applications regarding admission to the PhD programme in Biology. Every six months during application rounds, the committee submits a prioritised list to the Faculty of Natural Sciences, which in accordance with the financial frames outlined by the Dean of Faculty, makes the final decision concerning admission. Furthermore, it is the responsibility of the committee to hold qualifying exams.

The chair of the committee is in charge of the day to day management of the PhD programme in Biology. The members are appointed by vice-dean for research and talent at NAT in collaboration with the head of the department. The head of the research sections appoint PhD-representatives in collaboration with the PhD-students.

Academic members are elected for three years, the chair for four years and PhD representatives for one year.

Members of the PhD Committee as of 1 January 2023:


  • Associate professor Mark Bayley (December 2024)        

Academic Members

PhD Representative (2023/2024)

Secretary for the Committee