Departmental Forum

The purpose of the Departmental Forum is to involve staff and students in decisions about academic issues at the department.

The head of the department determines the size, structure and term of office. The department's size, composition and diversity are taken into account here. Appropriate representation is ensured for academic, technical and administrative staff and students.

At the Department of Biology, there is five representatives from the academic staff (VIP) 1 from each section, two representatives from the technical-administrative staff (TAP) and three student representatives (1 BA, 1 Master, 1 PhD).

The term of office for elected members is four years from 1 January 2020 (for student members, 1 year). The head of department is chair. A vice-chair is chosen from among the academic staff.

Members of the Departmental Forum


  • Professor Hans Brix – Head of Department (Chair)     

Vice Chairman:

Academic members from each section

TAP representatives  

Student Representative 

Secretary to the Committee