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Volunteers conducted a survey of residents in the sea around Denmark

2021.07.23Biologists from Aarhus University and the University of Copenhagen have studied the environmental DNA in water samples collected simultaneously by 370 volunteers on two occasions from almost 100 sites along the Danish coast. The combination of citizen science and environmental DNA has provided an effective overview of biodiversity in Danish coastal waters.

Elizabeth le Roux

Assistant professor Elizabeth le Roux receives AIAS Associate Fellowship

2021.07.07Elizabeth le Roux is a recently hired tenure track assistant professor at the Department of Biology exploring large mammal impacts on ecosystem structure and function, particularly in African savannas. In addition to the special recognition, this 3-year-fellowship supports the researcher’s possibilities to establish interdisciplinary collaboration by getting access to the AIAS community and facilities. Read more about the AIAS Associate Fellows:

Secretariat open during July

2021.07.02During July the secretariat will be open all days from 9.00-15.00. Week 28, 29 and 30 (July 12-30) with reduced staffing.

Photo: Scott Graham for Unsplash

Brightspace: Take part in workshops and get support

2021.06.16AU's new learning platform, Brightspace, is now open and accessible to all teaching staff and course administrators. Centre for Educational Development (CED) are ready to help you getting set up in the new system for the upcoming start of term. There will be workshops specifically tailored for teaching staff at Nat as well as online support. Read more about how to get help and support with regards to Brightspace.

The Administration Center Nat-Tech closed due to holiday in the weeks 28 to 30

2021.05.25The Administration Center Nat-Tech is more or less closed due to holiday in the weeks 28 to 30 (from Monday the 12th to the Friday the 30th of July). Building service is staffed all summer - with holiday staffing. IT support is open, but to a lesser extent. See the plan at


Mon 09 Aug
09:30-11:30 | Department of Biology, Ny Munkegade 114-116, building 1540-116
Qualifying exam
Qualifying exam: Alexis Armando Fonseca Poza, Microbiology
Thu 19 Aug
14:30-23:00 | the Mathematical Canteen
Summer Party
Finally an end to virtual coffee breaks on zoom or teams !!! On 19 August 2021, we will meet for the first time in a year and a half to have a party together.