Keys and access cards

How to get a key

Keys and access to buildings are provided by the secretariat in building 1135, 2nd floor.

Opening hours for key collection are Tuesdays and Thursdays between kl. 10:00 - 12:00. Look for the "Enquiry office" sign on the office doors to find out which office you should enter in order to enquire about or collect your key.

To receive a key, please complete the key form below. If you have completed the key form online and are unable to collect your key during opening hours, you will find your key in the pigeonhole, marked "Keys", in the mail rooms in buildings 1540, 1131 or 1135 on Tuesday and Thursday in the following week from 13:00.

Access to buildings (access card)

Entrance doors to AU buildings are locked between 17:00- 7:00 on weekdays and on weekends and public holidays.

You can order an access card yourself. It must be activated by a member of the secretariat before use - come by during opening hours or send an email to one of the contacts.

Order your access card here

Administrate your personal pincode for your access card here

Guests cards are on loan for a maximum of 3 months and are provided by a member of the secretariat during opening hours.

Return of keys and guest access card

Keys and guest access cards must be returned to the secretariat at the end of your contract or stay. NOTE: Keys and guest access cards are personal and may not be handed over to others. You may return keys and guest access cards in the mailbox (marked "Key return") at the entrance of building 1135. All keys and cards have an ID number, which enables us to track the owner.  

Key receipt Form

Key receipt form
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Key handover
Declaration of consent
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