Web support

If you would like editor access to bio.au.dk with the purpose of editing existing websites or creating new ones, please contact Anne Mehlsen.

Anne Mehlsen will ensure access to both page(s) and folder(s) in the file list.

In a meeting editor, Anne Mehlsen will review the most basic guidelines in TYPO3. All instructions for the system can be found on the page typo3.au.dk.

If you would like to create pages on either projects.au.dk, projekter.au.dk or conferences.au.dk, please contact Anne Mehlsen.

Guidelines for project pages

The management has established the following guidelines regarding project pages (incl. research groups and centers).

All researchers are obliged to maintain and continuously update project pages (created under bio.au.dk in TYPO3). The pages must at least be maintained in English. About every six months there will be a follow-up on whether the pages are maintained and there will be cleaned up of out-of-date content and pages.

The Secretariat can to some extent help with setting up the pages and uploading content. However, the individual research groups will also have to set up and upload content themselves. Setup and maintenance of center pages is handled by the center coordinators associated with the individual center.

Support associated with the secretariat: Anne Mehlsen, Henriette Svejgaard and Dennis Pedersen.

The individual project pages and pages of research groups and centers should at least include:

  • An overall description of the project / group / center incl. funding provider and members of the group / project participants
  • Relevant contact information
  • Relevant links to publications, partners and infrastructure

Photos and statement of consent

All images on AU's websites must be accompanied by a photographer.

According to Copyright, we may not use the information material of other sources (images, videos, articles, graphs, etc.) without permission and indication of this.

If people appear on the pictures, make sure to also get permission to publish the pictures on our websites (bio.au.dk, bio.staff.au.dk and studerende.au.dk/studier/fagportal/biologi/) in the form of a signature on the consent form. A statement of consent may apply to multiple images. The name of the photographer is also written on the statement.

The statement of consent also contains information regarding any revocation of images. Therefore, this must always be used.

Send an e-mail containing attached photos and a statement of consent for the photos to Anne Mehlsen, who arranges for journaling. The email must contain information on where the images are to be published.

The department must always be able to document that we have obtained consent for the use of images.

AU is covered by the Accessibility Act. This means, among other things, that the website must be accessible to as many users as possible, including users with many different disabilities. Visually impaired people must have the opportunity to have the picture read out, therefore their picture on the website must be accompanied by a description.

Image description