Official cars

Department of Biology has 5 official cars that may only be used by employees on official university business. 2 cars are parked at Ny Munkegade 114, and 3 cars are parked at Ole Worms Allé 1. All driving must have an official purpose.

Upon application, biology Department students may be granted permission to use the official cars by the Head of Department if they need a car in connection with study activities - for example when collecting thesis samples, or assisting with research projects. The permit is obtained at the Bachelor's level and again at the Master's / thesis level and is granted over a period of time if:

  • the student has a valid driver's license
  • the cars are used for driving that is necessary for the student's project or teaching only, and in cases where a university employee does not have the opportunity to drive
  • the student is informed about and complies with existing rules for using Department cars
  • the student is informed of the fact that AU's insurance does not cover in the event of an injury while driving and students should therefore take out a private accident insurance themselves
  • the student agrees that the Department cars may not be parked at a private residence.

The cars are booked through the Outlook calendar, where the user indicates the place, time of collection and delivery, as well as their telephone number.

REMEMBER to state the project and activity number when you book in the Outlook calendar and in the logbook!

An official car may be reserved according to need and capacity.

It is recommend that you reserve a Department car according to need and capacity. This means that for two people, a station wagon is reserved and not a bus.

Driving abroad

If you are going outside the borders of Denmark, we recommend that you rent a car from Europcar. It is cheaper to rent as insurance of Department cars is expensive. Our agreement number with Europcar is 21307

Reservation of the Official Cars for internal users

Internal users (staff members and students from Department of Biology) make reservations via the Outlook calendar. Remember to add your mobile number and the name of your supervisor when booking. The cars/ buses are listed in the Outlook-calendar's address list as follows:

  • Aarhus bil Ny Munkegade BIO Octavia BJ23972
  • Aarhus bil Ny Munkegade BIO Vwbus YT4235
  • Aarhus bil Ole Worms Alle BIO Octavia AT 73213
  • Aarhus bil Ole Worms Alle BIO Octavia BT 70906
  • Aarhus bil Ole Worms Alle Bios VWbus AN32576

Prices per January 1st, 2023 (per kilometer)

  • For cars – 3,30 DKK
  • For buses – 4,40 DKK

Reservation of official cars for external users

External users are not allowed to use the Outlook calendar for booking purposes. Cars may only be booked one week ahead.

External users must have permission from their department prior to borrowing/driving an official car and must also give a copy of their driving license to the Department of Biology.

During the period from 1 May - 31 August, bookings may be cancelled due to the Department’s mandatory excursions and field trips.

Prices per January 1st, 2023 (per kilometer)

  • For cars - 4,40 DKK
  • For buses - 6,00 DKK

Pickup and return

If the car/the bus has not been picked up within an hour from the onset of your reservation time, the reservation is no longer valid.

The car/bus is to be left in proper condition in its proper parking space. Return the car with minimum 1/4 full petrol tank and make sure the car is clean and tidy after each trip. The car must also be washed as needed - use the fuel card for carwash and/or vacuum cleaner at gas stations. 

In the post office building 1540 and 1135, you will find:

  • Cleaning bucket with vinyl cleaners, sanitizer, cloths etc. that you can use to clean the car after use.
  • A cordless vacuum cleaner, in the bucket you will find various nozzles that you can use for cleaning.


Use of Circle K credit card: each official car has a Circle K credit card which will be handed to the user along with a set of keys. The card should be used for each refilling with petrol/diesel. The code for the card is found in the key-cupboard. If it is necessary to use own credit card, fuel expenses can subsequently be refunded by the Department of Biology in accordance with the usual procedures via AURUS. Remember to return the receipt in the key-cupboard.

The logbook located in the glove compartment must be filled out with precise calculation of number of kilometres driven. User name/phone number, financing code, purpose and destination must be clearly stated. In addition, external users must indicate project and activity number in the outlook calendar and in the logbook when booking. Insufficient information will result in a fee of 200 DKK.


Driving abroad requires an insurance policy. Please contact Louise Kruse Have and inform of your travelling plans in advance - at least 14 days before your departure date to ensure that an insurance policy can be issued in time. The insurance is paid for by the user. If you need a car outside office hours please send an e-mail to: with information on registration number of the car, number of days abroad, third party insurance, EAN number:  5798000420045 and policy number: 24908-82601.

The Vehicle Registration Certificate is listed on the back of the logbook.

Sikkerhedspartner. In case of an accident, contact Sikkerhedspartner (telephone: 70 11 31 13 - customer no.: 87 15 00 00). Please inform customer services of your customer number, name and the vehicle's registration number. Damages to the car/the bus must be written down in the logbook and reported to the office at the Department of Biology along with information about who caused the damage. Contact Jesper Bülow Voetmann, phone. +45 40 76 38 95.

Damage policy at the Department of Biology: Up to 10,000 DKK is covered by the sections. If the damage exceeds 10,000 DKK, the Department will cover the remainder amount. External users must cover all expenses themselves.

If these guidelines are not followed, it may result in a fee of 200 DKK.