Hotel and travel

On this page you will find information on how to book hotels and flights. If you need more detailed  information please go to: Reimbursements & out-of-pocket expenses

Airline tickets

If you are going to fly, you may book your flight through CWT or directly with the airline company.

All AU employees who book their flight tickets through CWT must have a CWT (Carlson Wagonlit Travel) travel profile and a RejsUd profile: this also applies if the booking is handled by a secretary.

If you do not have a CWT travel profile, you must fill out the access form to RejsUd 

If you have a RejsUd profile, you still have to fill out the form to create a CWT travel profile (the form is used for creating both profiles).

The travel profile gives you access to the CWT online booking system.

Travel tickets for non-AU employees must be booked through an authorized requester. The requester is usually a secretary at the Department.

Hotel rooms in Denmark

When you book an overnight stay in Denmark, you must use the AU's hotel agreements. The Hotel agreements must not be made publicly available.

The price of hotel room must stay within the recommended hotel allowance. You will find the allowance amount in the document "Adjustment of rates for business travel..." under Rules and guidelines.

Hotel rooms abroad

If you need a hotel room abroad, you may book it directly at the hotel or through CWT. In connection with hotel bookings abroad, CWT is obliged to show all the prices and available hotels covered by their agreements. Hence, CWT charges a fee for handling the booking. List of CWT's handling fee (not translated).

The amount available for hotel bookings abroad varies from country to country. The maximum hotel allowances are listed in the document "Adjustment of rates for business travel..." under Rules and guidelines.

Find contact information for a CWT travel consultant on the site regarding airline tickets.  


Aarhus University uses the travel and expense claim systemet RejsUd for reimbursement.  

If you have lost a travel or expense voucher, you must use the statement of truth form as documentation for the expense. You'll find the form under "Forms for travel and expense claim".  


Sissel Rønning

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