Travel, insurance card and credit card

RejsUd and CWT

In future, all permanent employees will automatically be registered in RejsUd (travel and expense claim system) in connection with their employment. If you want to use CWT (travel agency) for booking airline tickets, you need to set up a travel profile at CWT and be registered in RejsUd. You may also book a flight ticket directly with an airline if they offer a lower price.

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Travel insurance

All employees are covered by a travel insurance. It is not a requirement to own or bring a physical card to be covered by AU’s travel insurance policy for Danish government employees.

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Credit cards

Credit cards may be issued to persons affiliated with Aarhus University and who have a Danish civil registration number (CPR no.). When you submit a credit card form, please put Louise Kæseler Poulsen (Zoophysiology and Aquatic Biology) or Sissel Rønning (Microbiology, Genetics, Ecology and Evolution, Ecoinformatics and Biodiversity) as cc in the mail.

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