The Secretariat offers help with the procurement of various items. The secretariat is responsible for the procurement of office supplies for the Department (buildings 1540, 1135 and 1131). The secretariat ensures the depots are stocked up. If the item is out of stock, please contact us.

The sections may order office furniture themselves, otherwise ask a secretary for assistance.

IndFak is AU's invoice management system. RejsUd is the travel reimbursement system.
You may order a company credit card if in agreement with your immediate manager.

If you need IT equipment i.e. computer, phone, mouse, keyboard, webcam etc., visit the IT Webshop. You are not permitted to purchase IT equipment without involving AU IT. This applies to both ordinary and external funds.

AU purchases are covered by procurement agreements. It is imperative that we comply with these agreements. Find out if your purchase is included in the agreement by clicking on the button below.