Danish Open Access Week 2023

On the occasion of the international Open Access Week, the Danish Network for Open Access has organized a series of webinars under the heading 'Danish Open Access Week 2023'

Open Access Week is an annual event held worldwide. The purpose of Open Access Week is to spread knowledge and awareness of Open Access. Open Access Week is always held in the last week of October and has taken place since 2009. The Danish Network for Open Access can now proudly present 'Danish Open Access Week 2023'.

The Danish Open Access Week consists of a series of webinars that deal with Open Access in different ways. There will be presentations that explain the basics of Open Access, and presentations that go into details with more complicated Open Access matters.

Among the week's presenters are Joe Deville from the Open Book Collective, who will give a presentation on the challenges of the dominant funding models for publishing Open Access books and alternatives to these models, and Dominic Tate from the University of Edinburgh, who will share experiences that the university has gained over the last 18 months that it has been running with the Rights Retention Strategy.

All webinars are free of charge and everyone can register.

Read more about Danish Open Access Week 2023 and register for one or more webinars at https://openaccess.dk/oaw2023