Teaching, salaried work and teaching exemption


Your supervisor and head of the section must agree to all your teaching activities before you start teaching. Teaching activities will be coordinated by PhD-programme secretary Benita Hyldgaard in May and November for the following semester.

PhD-students enrolled as Master´s students (4+4 programme): Please be aware that you are not allowed to transfer any working hours from part A to part B. If you want to reduce the amount of working hours in your part A you need to send an application to GSNS as stated in your admission letter.

Salaried work

Your supervisor, the head of your research section and the Chairman of PhD-programme committee: Ass. Prof. K. Thomas Jensen must approve the amount of hours to all types of salaried work before the activity is initiated – send information to


Your teaching activities and salaried work will be registered in a system called Gonzales. Here you can find an overview of your portfolio. Teaching hours will be registered before teaching starts (i.e. in August and January). Salaried work is registered when the work has been done – send information to (remember to get approval of the amount of hours for salaried work before the work is initiated).

Please use your AUID + password to log in:

Send information to PhD-Programme at Biology

PhD courses

ECTS credits for courses taken outside Aarhus University has to be approved before certificates are uploaded on the PhD-planner: Course certificates should be sent to

ECTS credits can be given for PhD activities other than regular courses (conferences, workshops, seminars, journal club etc.) (max. 10 ECTS in total). The activities must be approved (preferably in advance) by the main supervisor and the programme chair at Biology – send information, including specified learning objectives and ECTS credits, to .

Graduate School of Natural Sciences

PhD planner system

The online PhD planner system serves as a tool for registering all elements related to your PhD studies. In particular, the online PhD planner is where the PhD plan and the mandatory half year evaluations of the PhD plan are uploaded.

GSNS Rules and regulations

As a PhD student at Natural Sciences there is a number of rules and regulations that you should familiarize yourself with: GSNS Rules and regulations.

PhD partner at GSNS for Biology

Our PhD partner at GSNS is Kathrine Nielsen
Kathrine is sitting in office 1540-016 Thursday afternoons in even week numbers

  • Application for teaching exemption (must be submitted through your supervisor)
  • Going abroad
  • Practicalities regarding PhD defense and qualification exam
  • Admission letters and other letters from GSNS
  • Application for extension (must be approved by supervisor) (PhD partner will forward to K. Thomas Jensen)
  • PhD planer system

Other employees at GSNS

  • Parental and sick leave (your PhD partner can tell you who to contact)
  • GSNS PhD courses (your PhD partner can tell you who to contact)

Chairman of PhD-programme committee at Biology

The chairman of the PhD-programme committee at Biology is Ass. Prof. K. Thomas Jensen

  • Approval of PhD courses outside AU and other PhD activities yielding ECTS credits
  • Approval of salaried work (type of work and amount of teaching hours), incl. teaching in Master’s courses
  • Applications regarding extensions
  • Practical issues in relation to PhD-study

Coaching of PhD Students

All PhD students at Department of Biology are offered the opportunity to participate in a number of individual coaching sessions – facilitated by PhD Coach Maria Blach Nielsen.

Coaching is neither therapy nor professional advice, but is about making you aware of your goals and creating frameworks and structures that help you get there.

You find out what slows you down and what you can do about it. A coaching session takes approx. 1 hour and we meet on a regular basis. 

Maria Blach Nielsen is a certified coach and business coach, and has experience with coaching within topics as diverse as time management, motivation, relationships, prioritization, productivity and much more.


Preventing and managing stress

Aligning expectations with your supervisor

Information for PhD students at the Faculty of Natural Sciences

Chairman of the PhD-programme committee at Biology

PhD-programme secretary

PhD partner at GSNS

PhD Coach