Transition to cloud and user fees for small IT solutions

2021.05.03 | Arnold Boon

Dear all

The senior management team has decided that, from now on, AU will generally establish new IT services in the cloud which is a generic term for delivery of software and IT services via the internet. The decision includes all IT solutions for research, education, public sector consultancy and administration. It is a necessary consequence of the increasing amount of data and the rapidly increasing number of IT solutions following the digitisation of these areas.

If you have special needs in terms of small IT solutions, please contact the local IT support team.

The local IT support team can help clarify whether the special needs can be covered by existing services offered by AU IT’s cloud supplier, so you do not have to buy special systems which must be maintained by external suppliers. The IT support team can also ensure compliance with the tender rules and basic IT security requirements.

Moreover, it is important to be aware of the following. The senior management team has decided that, in future, the employees who have special needs in relation to IT services must pay the costs themselves. This means that AU IT will forward the invoice for the service to the system owner. It is possible for AU IT to put a limit on the costs to ensure that the individual employee does not suddenly have to pay an unexpected bill. 

The local IT support team is ready to help you with answers to the questions you or your employees may have.

At you can find information about how to order IT services in the cloud.

Kind regards,

Arnold Boon

Department of Biology, Staff